Brasserie Colette

Brasserie Colette. The name is appealing: “Colette” is also the most fashionable concept store of Paris.
Looking at the menu, you’ll see it contains only French traditional dishes and wines. They refuse to serve me a Hugo because it’s somehow Italian. Good start!
Instead we got a glass of crémant rosé (7€) which could easily compete with a good champagne. Philip started with the very traditional frog legs (14€). With only 5 little legs in his big plate it was rather an appetizer than a real “entrée”. Then his « Spanferkel » (22€) looked like a Haxn’, and I couldn’t remember of such a dish in France. I had a cod in a bacon sauce (22€): the combination of the two got along perfectly. Our Chardonnay (6€/glass) was the perfect match to my dish, refreshing and not to dry.
The place itself is an interesting mix of modern design and ancient wooden banquettes from Parisian métro. Clients though were somehow as old as the banquette and we felt a little underage.
Colette not only exported the French cuisine but also the Parisian pretentious style of “bistronomie”: a trend revisiting traditional brasserie dishes in a haute cuisine manner. For sure you’ll eat well, but you’ll pay the price.
Nice place to go with your parents.

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