One Wednesday per month the Glockenbachwerkstatt is organizing the Fish n’ Blues diner. The unique opportunity to listen to a music concert while… eating fish!
This is exceptional for 2 reasons:
– first, due to our geographical situation, eating fish is in Munich, always exceptional. Fish is prepared especially for this occasion and freshly cooked an hour before the concert. It is delicious, healthy and has an unbeatable price! (usually less than 10€ the main dish).
– second because the Glockenbachwerkstatt is a unique place in the city gathering a crowed a mixed Müncheners of all ages, and all social background around the love of music. It has this very special flair of authenticity mixed with a hint of alternative touch, in a way you cannot even find any longer in Berlin. This night for instance we had the pleasure to listen to bans of musicians in 70’s, playing the same psychedelic music they most probably used to listen to as youngsters. They were incredibly passionated, really fun to see and but good to listen to!
For Fish n’ Blues we recommend you arrive early to secure your table and enjoy your concert while eating a delicious fish meal. The place get rapidly fully packed. Check their website to know about the coming date.

Blumenstraße 7, 80331 München
089 268838