Balla Beni

An institution in Munich. Every time you pass by you’ll see people queuing to get their „Kugel“. Even in winter. But the is actually for a reason: ice there are good! very good!
Balla Beni position itself in the upper class of the ice cream and therefore you find more adults than actually kids enjoying their specialties. Because it is all about taste.
Chocolate-ginger is absolutely crazy. The chocolate flavour is (at last!) strong, and the ginger gives a sparkling note to spice up your mouth. Walnut is a challenge in terms of flavours, but it actually tasted like… walnut, a soft and round taste that reminds of old times.
Choice is not huge but similar to restaurants: less is more.

Good to know: in the Seidlstrasse branch they offer ice cream classes, to be a master of the art

Theresienstraße 46, 80333 München
089 18912943

Monday 11:30–22:30
Tuesday 11:30–22:30
Wednesday 11:30–22:30
Thursday 11:30–22:30
Friday 11:30–22:30
Saturday 11:30–22:30
Sunday 11:30–22:30

Balla Beni Werkstatt
089 90544186