Bartu Eismanufaktur

Italians are well known for two things: fashion and food.
Bartu is a good example of it: after creating a successful shoe store chain in Munich, the owner decided to launch an ice cream corner instead of retiring. And he did right!
He brought to Munich the Italian savoir-faire for both gelatos and sorbet. Flavours are creative without being crazy, they taste great and consistence is smooth and cold. With the ricotta-fig, offer your self a trip to Amalfi. Close your eyes: you hear the the echo of the Mediterranean sea and get the green fresh smell of the fig trees.
Grapefruit is delicate and not too sweet, not like a supermarket juice but more like a spray of flavour when you pinch the skin of a grapefruit.
At Bartu it is also to be noticed that gelatos are stored in the best way in metal containers preserving the cold and flavors. You actually do not see them, but like anywhere else you can ask for a try. Also to be mentioned that all ice creams are bio. Waffles are crispy and have this light caramel taste of the Belgian waffle. A nice combination with the ice cream!
Note: at the Willhelmstrasse branch they also make bio pizza!

Willhelmstraße 23, 80801 München
089 38476040

Monday 11:00–22:00
Tuesday 11:00–22:00
Wednesday 11:00–22:00
Thursday 11:00–22:00
Friday 11:00–22:00
Saturday 11:00–22:00
Sunday 11:00–22:00

Türkenstraße 53, 80799 München