The Hutong Club

This is the pendant to Cochichina, but revise your geography please and don’t get messed up. Here the influences are clearly Chinese. From the decoration inside (worth the trip in itself, up to the washrooms) with red and black walls and Chinese sculptures; to the plates. Here it’s about rice and noodles, dumplings, buns and crispy stuff.
To start with, chose the dumplings. Choice is big, therefore it’s best to share. The spicy pork belly and kimchi (10,5€) were impressive in taste, and the sauce a success. Then move to noodles, a classic, some meat, or chose fish. In that case the black garlic and caramelised ginger fish (21,5€) was a delight: the sauce was flavourful but did not kill the taste of the fish.
All dishes are served with some herbs that come at the right time to freshen you up, because of all the spices. Balance is kept between sweet and sour, hot and fresh.
Although service could have been more friendly, it still deserves a visit. Because it is a pleasure to get real Chinese food (and not a mix of Asian influcences) in such decor.

Franz-Joseph-Straße 28, 80801 München
089 38380343

Monday 18:00–01:00
Tuesday 18:00–01:00
Wednesday 18:00–01:00
Thursday 18:00–01:00
Friday 18:00–01:00
Saturday 18:00–01:00
Sunday 18:00–01:00