In terms of vegan you think you saw it all? Vegan ice, ok easy; vegan bavarian (Max Pett) a challenge indeed, vegan Mexican (Blitz) really? But were you expecting vegan sushi? Neither was I! But think about it, it’s also a great concept also for pregnant women!
Actually I was doubtful, vegan sushi? but where has the joy of eating super fresh raw fish gone? Well it can be still fresh and raw without being fish right? Kansha holds the challenge successfully, even in the look of the sushis!
Ok choice is not huge: you only have 2 mixes of sushis (around 24,5), but let yourself be surprised. Watermleon or tomato instead of thuna, mushrooms instead of meat and of course the typical avocado or cucumber. Starters are more traditional, like the miso soup (4€) or the edamame (4€), you won’t be lost.
A must-try experience in Münchener Freiheit.

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