Münchner Boulangerie

We finally found it. It took us 5 years of intensive research, tasting, big hopes and deceptions, a lot of money, and animated discussions. But we have it: a real baguette in Munich. C’est incroyable! I almost have tears in my eyes, but yes, a true baguette, with a golden crusty crust and a smooth … [Read more…]

Maison Massard

Seafood! this is not the illusion of an island for desperate sailers. Fresh seafood in Munich, yes it possible! Seafood platter is a typical French tradition that only Chinese people might understand. Raw oyster, langoustines, shrimps, crab, lobster (oh yeah!) and also sea snails (winkle and whelk for connoisseurs). Frankly it looks not really appealing … [Read more…]


« Can you recommend a French restaurant? ». « Yes I can give you some addresses… in Paris ». Let’s be serious, eating French? in Munich? Sorry but I cannot decently send my friends to what Germans think is a typical French restaurant but which actually is too cliché, too expensive, or pretends to be … [Read more…]

Déjà Bu?

Spontaneous is a french word and for that reason we have so much trouble adapting to the German lifestyle. 4 years ago when Déjà Bu opened, you could spontaneously find a table. Nowadays you’d better book in advance. Be kind and forget about the white aperon-mustache “garçon” and Ediath Piaf music in the background (although … [Read more…]

Brasserie Colette

Brasserie Colette. The name is appealing: “Colette” is also the most fashionable concept store of Paris. Looking at the menu, you’ll see it contains only French traditional dishes and wines. They refuse to serve me a Hugo because it’s somehow Italian. Good start! Instead we got a glass of crémant rosé (7€) which could easily … [Read more…]