Wienhaus Neuner

Fine Bavarian cuisine. Sounds contradictory? Not at Weinhaus Neuner. In this Munich institution (it was founded in 1892), the chef is having modern influences. He was previously working in the star restaurant « Les Deux » and took part of the team with him. Result, as said, is true bavarian cuisine but in a lighter … [Read more…]

The Grill im Künstlerhaus

Could they find a more German name than this one? The Grill im Künstlerhaus: you know what you are going to eat and where. Fortunately the cuisine, although being also straightforward (yes grill it is), is elaborated in its realisation. Of course it is beef, from all origins, all cuts, sizes and maturation (from 25€ … [Read more…]


What we like to see when we go to pizzerias is the pizzaiolo turning his dough around his head, fresh ingredients pre cut waiting to be gently thrown and the big oven where smoking pizzas are coming out one after the other. The whole preparation of the pizza is a spectacle but it has also … [Read more…]

Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab

It arrived in Munich in summer 2017 and you cannot have missed it: Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab, the Berliner institution. In the first weeks you could easily queue for a few hours to get the most famous Kebab in all Germany. But is it really worth it? well it’s a kebab (5,3€), but not any kebab. … [Read more…]

Käfer in Kunsthalle

If you like cuisine and art you might have noticed that for some strange reason, very good cafés and restaurants are hiding in museums. Käfer in Kunsthalle is just another example of it. Nested at the first floor of the gallery, you cannot miss the restaurant on your way to the ticket counter. Chances are … [Read more…]

Der Kleine Flo

Good news ladies! because none of us really assumes eating a burger, Der Kleine Flo found the parade: they serve us mini burgers instead. Perfect! it feels healthy all of a sudden*! Guys might be less tempted at first, but think about it actually, instead of having to choose between BLC and avocado chicken you … [Read more…]


Come on, admit it… at the museum you spend more time at the shop or at the café then really admiring the collections. Actually museum restaurants usually serve super good food. MUCA, the Museum of street art opened this year bringing one of the most “arty” and best restaurant in town in total discretion. Cuisine … [Read more…]


Let’s admit it, after a bad day at work, dealing with loads of crap, sentimental disorders or just because… sometimes you deserve to be treated well. Herzog is the place to treat yourself. It feels like going to a luxury spa: you are having a great time, you forget about the world around you and … [Read more…]

Einstein Restaurant

Feeling insecure in this crazy world? Einstein Restaurant is the place to go! For reservation you have to provide all guests full names, the place itself is hidden, and a guard is doing security controls at the entrance. It makes you feel like boarding a plane. Actually it’s a real trip to Israel. Inside men … [Read more…]

Café Kare

In Sendlinger Tor there is a lunch tip you would have never noticed about. It’s a secret garden you can only access from the Kare shop, going on the ground floor, and making your way between the clothes shop. There you will find the Café Kare, a hidden gem that only experienced workers of the … [Read more…]

Rebella Bex

Rebella Bex is a yoga studio right next to Stachus, hidden in an inner court of the Sonnenstrasse. Not really the kind of place you would spontaneously go for lunch. Don’t worry dear reader, we are still talking about food here. Indeed, Rebella Bex has a café, which is so crowded for lunch, that they … [Read more…]


Although Manufactum sells kitchen, home and garden appliances, making a point in finding the best quality products coming from all over Europe, what Manufactum does best is Bread & Cheese. Two words to resume the quintessence of extasy for French people. Manufactum basically buys typical cheese directly from French producers and mature them in their … [Read more…]

Sushi Sano

As the name states, Sushi Sano offers healthy meals in a minimalist interior. White tiles on the walls, wooden table and chairs, blackboard to display the menu. Somehow just crossing the doorstep, you almost forget you are in Munich. You can choose to sit at a table or watch the staff preparing your meal at … [Read more…]

Prinz Myshkin

Prinz Myshkin a vegan restaurant (yes, I did it!) close to the Sendlingerstr. Disappointed by the place at first – it looked amazing on pictures – and by the food when it was served, I quickly changed my mind. Actually the tofu curry is very flavorous and filling, for a very reasonable price on the … [Read more…]