Die Küche im Kraftwerk

For some strange reason, restaurants attached to Kare design shops are very good. While the one at Sendlinger Tor is offering a Asian option, the huge Kare shop in Forstenried has a more modern-bayerisch offer. You’ll find traditional dishes like the goulasch soup (6,9€), the weiss würst (5,5€), but also more modern options like a … [Read more…]

Aran Tegernsee

At Wie Gott in Frankreich, restaurant recommendations are based, first and foremost, on the quality of the food, and not on the quality of the decor. Way too many people get fooled with fancy looking places. For once, we’ll do an exception: Aran in Tegernsee has a beautiful setting and this is a reason good … [Read more…]

Tölzer Hütte

Looking for Sunday bunch recommendations? Not in Schwabing please, but in the mountains. It’s actually the best motivation to go up hill. 2 hours after leaving Lenggries, you reach the Tölzer Hutte where a group of young locals dressed up in ledderhause are singing popular songs accompanied with accordion and of course a lot of … [Read more…]