Der Dantler

What used to be the Upper Eat Side – a delicious creative restaurant in the hidden Obere-Au (Upper East of Munich) revisiting traditional Bavarian cuisine with a modern flair – is now Der Dantler. The difference? Well hard to be noticed but according to their owners, they now present a New York style Deli Bavarian … [Read more…]

La Fattoria

La Fattoria is a simple place, easy going and local. Here less is definitely more. It is not overly decorated, the menu is not immoderately long, the chef is not excessively Italian, the cuisine not with too much of anything. Instead Fattoria offers a minimalistic but arty dining room. Outside a terrace to enjoy the … [Read more…]

Wirsthaus in der Au

After having lived in Munich for a while, the idea of another brauhaus is not as exciting as it used to be. But with Wirsthaus in der Au makes it different. First because the quality of the food is impressive: meat is always perfectly roasted, sauces are incredible and their rot kohl is a melting … [Read more…]


At Teatro the waiter jumped on you when you arrive… to do his best to find the perfect spot for your diner. Once installed, you’ll then head to the bar to choose your tapas among a selection of freshly cooked spanish specialities. You will order in the traditional Spanish way: writing your choice on a … [Read more…]

Café Blá

Café Blá opened at the end of 2016 at the bottom of Au, close to the Isar. It is the perfect stop for your Sunday walks along the river, only a few meters away from the Deutsches Museum. Café Blá was founded by a French-Icelandic girl who wanted to share with you the coffee culture … [Read more…]