Blitz restaurant

Not to be confused with the club! No dancing here (although…?), but a crazy vegetarian mexican cuisine mixed by a DJ cook in the kitchen who plays with flavors instead of sounds. So how come do you cook vegetarian mexican food? Well for instance you create a pulled pork out of a mushroom (this is … [Read more…]


If you ever have to got to Tonhalle or any of the venues behind Ostbahnhof, you might have wondered “where can I get some decent good food before the I move / shake my body on the pit?” Coming from the city center you will pass through Haidhausen where many options are offered to you. … [Read more…]

Kim & Co

Small menu which is sign of good quality and seasonal products. Food is always elaborated and tasty, and the wine list is of high quality. 089 44119930 Mon to Fri 18:00 to 01:00


At Pizzesco people are literally queuing outside to get their pizza slice. Needless to say that you have to make a trip there to test/taste it as well. Pizzesco, instead of preparing the traditional round pizza everyone knows, offers cuts into 1m long rectangular pizza. It enables you to try out several variations at the … [Read more…]

Maison Massard

Seafood! this is not the illusion of an island for desperate sailers. Fresh seafood in Munich, yes it possible! Seafood platter is a typical French tradition that only Chinese people might understand. Raw oyster, langoustines, shrimps, crab, lobster (oh yeah!) and also sea snails (winkle and whelk for connoisseurs). Frankly it looks not really appealing … [Read more…]

Bozo & Loui

Since you are people of taste and follow Wie Gott in Frankreich regularly, be rewarded! you’ll get to know a place with a terrace facing the sun, next to a small park where you’ll most probably always find a table. Doubtful? In the Pariserstrasse (which name is already a reason by itself to make you … [Read more…]


When rain is pouring heavily on the city, there is no better escape than a Brazilian bar to warm up your soul. Ver-O-Peso is a tiny spot in front of the Gasteig, stuck between Pizzesco and True & 12 (for a perfect evening, combine the 3). Valdemar the charismatic owner prepares you the traditional caipirinhas, … [Read more…]


Spicery is quite confidential and fancy, mirror windows providing you from seeing from the outside. Inside you find a very chic black interior with buddhist sculptures and a magnificent golden roof. Before starting diner you get a hot towel to wash your hands and a cup of tea. It gives you a good sense of … [Read more…]


Nomiya is a kind of place that is so laid back that you feel at home right away. The owner is an old bavarian guy, always wearing his traditional outfit, not the kind of style you find at Oktoberfest, no the real traditional one. Although Bavarian-Japanese cuisine sounds like a strange culinary mix right you … [Read more…]

Holy Burger

Holy Burger is the place you head to with a huge hunger. For big stomachs you can offer yourself a large double or triple burgers, for smaller ones you can instead chose the regular cheese burger (8.60€). On top of that you can select your fries/ we tried a combination of skinny fries with chili … [Read more…]


An evening at Paros: regular greeks customers are holding their table, terrasse is full, but waiter manages a spot for 8 anyway… In a few minutes you’ll feel like being in a small greek village. We took the typical starter: a mix of various delicious specialities from tarama, to tzatziki, fresh cheese, grilled pepperoni, fried … [Read more…]

Kochhaus Haidhausen

It’s the evening before your holiday, fridge is empty, no time for a restaurant since you have to pack, neither to spend hours cooking. That’s exactly the occasion to try Kochhaus. Kochhaus is a mix of kitchenware shop, a wine shop, a café, a cooking school and offers you to buy and make your own … [Read more…]