In terms of food, sport clubs usually offer carbonhydarted, very sweet, industrial and bad food in bars. Indeed you are here to sweat, get slimer and suffer, and forget all the pleasures of life, the first one being eating. Who would have guessed that boxring can rhyme with cooking and makes an explosive mix: Box-Kitchen. … [Read more…]


An Israeli restaurant is not exactly what you would expect in an hotel right? But in the 25Hours hotel you should expect anything. Located in an ancient post office, the building has been completely renewed in a very stylish way with middle-eastern influences. Right when you enter, the café area is totally surrounded with hanging … [Read more…]

Anna restaurant and bar

Anna’s hotel in Stachus is not exactly the kind a place where you would expect a nice restaurant. Nestled between KFC and an O2 shop, this is not exactly the place you would notice at first sight. But don’t trust the apparences of the area. Anna restaurant and bar actually bring a quite high-end option … [Read more…]

Natursaftbar Amer

Is döner healthy? that’s the question that everybody ask himself at lunch time with a big hunger. But think about it: grilled meat, fresh vegetables, a little bit of sauce all packed in a flat bread. Amer has understood that in Germany – the motherland of bio – you have to communicate on freshness and … [Read more…]

Verdi Süpermarkt

A tropical paradise. This sounds like a cheap table dance club. Well… actually you are not too far away from it. You are in the Hauptbahnhof area and streets are full with erotic clubs, guys walking drunk at 9 am, shisha lounges and kebabs, second hand gold vendors and cheap hotels. But also home for … [Read more…]