Le Berlü

Berlü sounds neither French nor Spanish, however that’s how the restaurant presents itself: a mix of French and Spanish cuisine. Berlü is actually the contraction of Bernard – at the service – and Luis – in the kitchen. French-Spanish indeed it is, when the entrecôte (25,9€) is served with a tortilla de patata. Or when … [Read more…]

Kempers & Crowd

Relatively new in town (since the first quarter of 2018), Kempers and Crowd remained outside of the radar. Maybe because they still haven’t installed a proper sign on their door front, or maybe because they were more focused on their cuisine than on their marketing, And this was indeed a good choice. Kempers & Crowd … [Read more…]

Max Pett

Germany is a place to force (French) omnivores get reconciled with the word vegan. There are so many vegan restaurants popping-up in the city that you end up in one without noticing it. Max Pett pushed the pastiche so far that they even serve you a schnitzel (16€), vegan of course! Their summer quiche is … [Read more…]