Balla Beni

An institution in Munich. Every time you pass by you’ll see people queuing to get their „Kugel“. Even in winter. But the is actually for a reason: ice there are good! very good! Balla Beni position itself in the upper class of the ice cream and therefore you find more adults than actually kids enjoying … [Read more…]

Electric Elephant

The place is hard to find and only known through word of mouth, super hype since right next to the Berliner style club MMA, and yes a little gentrified. However, here no buddha bowls or healthy juices, but what is most probably one of the best Indian food in town. This time not need to … [Read more…]


In the myriad of bars to be found in Munich it is hard to find your way. And did you notice? Flamingo have popped up this year everywhere in our very tropical city, and neons lights bulb all around. Freebird does not make exception, but in that case you can follow the light. Once you … [Read more…]


When your French friends are visiting from Paris, pressure is high. How not to disappoint them? Ok they might find the Christmas market exotic, enjoy a Glühwein or actually really like bretzels. But the crucial moment comes when you have to bring them to a nice restaurant. Bavarian is not an option, they need classy … [Read more…]


This is one of the best views of Munich, looking at the Königplatz. In summer you can sit outside on the huge terrasse and have a café, in winter you’d rather enjoy it from the inside of Ella’s restaurant through the large bow window. On top of the beautiful view, Ella’s serves nice Italian inspired … [Read more…]

Hoiz Neobrasserie

Hoiz Neobrasserie, the name sounds a little pompous and somehow « brasserie » is kind of overused. But Hoiz definitely deserves the attribute of Neobrasserie. The cuisine is very modern, revisiting some classical dishes with a refreshing touch and creative savors. Plat du jour for diner made the surprise: a cod with crunchy skin and … [Read more…]

Benko Restaurant

A place for ladies in their thirties. That’s how it was described to me and that evening we make no exception to the rule. At Benko the owner makes girls feel at home and likes to make jokes. He offers wine without knowing them since he doesn’t drink, although he’s not pregnant. He gives the … [Read more…]

Theresa Grill

Theresa is another hype place, nicely decorated with hanging light bulbs, wooden tables, concrete floor and tiles on the walls… But my friend, if you rate the quality of a place by how it looks this A Tatse of Munich is not for you! Theresa offers a nice lunch menu (14,5€) which consisted of a … [Read more…]