In terms of vegan you think you saw it all? Vegan ice, ok easy; vegan bavarian (Max Pett) a challenge indeed, vegan Mexican (Blitz) really? But were you expecting vegan sushi? Neither was I! But think about it, it’s also a great concept also for pregnant women! Actually I was doubtful, vegan sushi? but where … [Read more…]

The Hutong Club

This is the pendant to Cochichina, but revise your geography please and don’t get messed up. Here the influences are clearly Chinese. From the decoration inside (worth the trip in itself, up to the washrooms) with red and black walls and Chinese sculptures; to the plates. Here it’s about rice and noodles, dumplings, buns and … [Read more…]

Bartu Eismanufaktur

Italians are well known for two things: fashion and food. Bartu is a good example of it: after creating a successful shoe store chain in Munich, the owner decided to launch an ice cream corner instead of retiring. And he did right! He brought to Munich the Italian savoir-faire for both gelatos and sorbet. Flavours … [Read more…]


Another example of German rationalism. Salzkruste, which litteraly means “salt crust”, offers dishes cooked… in a salt crust. What a surprise! Well actually a surprise it was. Indeed very few restaurants in Munich offers this quality of cuisine and this creativity for at this price. For diner you can choose between a fish (45,9€) or … [Read more…]

Birreria e Trattoria Seerose

At the corner of a little paved street, a Vespa is parked at the next street lamp, the sun is slowly going down on the white napperon of the table. Wake up, this is not Italy, you are at Seerose, between Englisher Garten and Münchener Freiheit, sorry. Well not so sorry actually, you ended up … [Read more…]


The Savoy is not only an hotel name, but used to be a Duchy that covered part of the Alps. Today, Savoy is also the name of a restaurant in Schwabing where Bavarian cuisine and products meet modernity. Savoy indeed only almost only offer products coming from the region: Bavarian vegetables, meat or fish are … [Read more…]


In the search of the best Kaiserschmarrn in town I had been recommended several times the Georgenhof. And I wasn’t lured: smoothed inside but caramelized on the outside (most probably blaze with a hint of alcool), with a good amount of crispy almonds, and tons of raisins, you will not be disappointed. And for the … [Read more…]

Hostaria Ro e Buni

Italians restaurant in Munich are so plenty, what makes the difference between one or the other. We all agree that Italian food is good, right? Who does not like pizza and pasta. To stand out in the crowd (which is especially dense in Schwabing), Hostaria Ro e Buni made the choice of bio. Wise decision … [Read more…]

Blue Nile

Ethiopia has a lot more to offer than just coffee and rainforest. Lesser know is their cuisine which deserves to be discovered however. Slightly spicy but not too much, using beef, chicken or lamb, fresh vegetables and herbs. The whole experience of an Ethiopian restaurant lies in the way you eat: only with your hands, … [Read more…]

Il Gattopardo

As you open the door the waiter is already talking to you like an old friend. He guides you to your table and is almost taking your order as if it was « the usual”. Because it is so friendly and welcoming, Il Gattopardo is an institution in Schwabing: local schickeria, girls’ Friday night diner, … [Read more…]

Vini E Panini

Italian shops all looks the same to me, and problem is: they all look good! Great pasta, loads of tomato sauce, tons of parmeggiano, chocolat delicacies and other sweets, to the ceiling wine shelves… How to make your way to the best Italian in Munich then? We have a trick: use a standard ingredient and … [Read more…]

Le Chalet du Fromage

With baguette, another French passion is cheese. And let’s face it, at first when arriving in Germany, what a disappointment! no taste, no smell, no consistence, no fluffy stains, in short: a sterilized piece of milk. But how come? We French know, that cheese is good because its full of bacterias! Fortunately we can find … [Read more…]

Münchner Boulangerie

We finally found it. It took us 5 years of intensive research, tasting, big hopes and deceptions, a lot of money, and animated discussions. But we have it: a real baguette in Munich. C’est incroyable! I almost have tears in my eyes, but yes, a true baguette, with a golden crusty crust and a smooth … [Read more…]


Have you also noticed that all asian restaurants have a never-ending menu which always leads to never ending choice making? Cochinchina makes no exception. But for your first visit, don’t waste your time reading and go straight for their specialty: the Do-It-Youself spring rolls (around 20€). You will get a plate full of super fresh … [Read more…]

Neulinger Bäckerei

Brot, 4 letters hiding the complexity of a technique in Germany. Unfortunately bakeries in Munich are in most cases just unsexy branches of national or local chains. When you hear « bakery » you should directly think of this traditional shop around the corner, always open, always full whatever the weather, spreading smells of freshly … [Read more…]


« Can you recommend a French restaurant? ». « Yes I can give you some addresses… in Paris ». Let’s be serious, eating French? in Munich? Sorry but I cannot decently send my friends to what Germans think is a typical French restaurant but which actually is too cliché, too expensive, or pretends to be … [Read more…]